How Does It Work?

It works by combining infrared light, radiofrequency therapy, and vacuum technology to reduce sagging skin and body volume, diminish signs of cellulite, and ensure a general improvement in the texture of the treated area.

This efficient heating, combined with electrode design and simultaneous absorption of these systems by the skin, help heat travel faster and deeper into the skin to achieve its purposes. ZoShape is able to penetrate the skin very precisely between 3 to 20 mm deep.

All this results in greater circulation in the treated area, lymphatic drainage, increased cellular metabolism, and the generation of a greater amount of collagen.

It works based on four different technologies to give drastic and amazing results.
Two handpieces include :
  • Radiofrequency stimulates collagen production and improves the texture of the skin
  • Infrared laser uses heat energy to dissolve fat cells
  • Vacuum therapy promotes blood circulation and cell metabolism to reduce cellulite
  • Anti-cellulite massage increases lymphatic drainage and reduces body fat volume
Treatments And Benefits Of Zoshape
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  • Reduces body circumference
  • Diminishes cellulite
  • Reduces localized adiposity (legs, abdomen, waist, and arms)
  • Shapes the body
  • Firms the skin
  • Painless treatment that does not require any post-treatment steps
  • Is recommended as a post-liposuction treatment
  • Is recommended as a post-partum treatment
Radiofrequency Therapy
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Thoroughly heats the skin, with energy directly targeting the connective tissues and collagen fibers at the base of the dermis. Collagen and elastin growth is therefore stimulated and assists the body’s natural processes in strengthening existing collagen fibers and ensuring the formation of new ones.
Vacuum Therapy
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Has been used across the globe for thousands of years, serving various therapeutic and medical purposes to many, many people. Its numerous benefits include stimulating lymphatic drainage, providing deep-tissue massages, combating cellulite from the source, and supporting weight loss. The suction is important because it pulls the hypodermis into the cup and therefore supports lymphatic drainage.
Cellulite buildup is a result of fat accumulation in the subcutaneous tissue. One major culprit for cellulite is decreased lymph circulation. Lymph is made up of white blood cells and works to supply nutrients to the cells.
Fluid Retention: Congestion in the lymphatic system may cause the rate of fluid returned to the bloodstream to be shifted. This could cause fluid to sit in the tissues and make the area swell- this includes the abdomen, legs, feet, and ankles. Stimulating this flow again works wonderfully to alleviate swelling and obstruction.
Infrared Laser
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  • Relaxes muscles: Heat energy generated by infrared rays can relieve tension to support full muscle relaxation
  • Shrinks fat: Infrared rays increase the internal temperature of local tissues, enlarge pores for extractions, cause the outflow of sweat, support moisture, and greatly lessen the volume of fat cells
  • Dissolves Fat: Infrared rays are absorbed directly by fat cells. The affected fat cell dissolves and its contents are liquefied, decreasing overall body fat volume
  • Eliminates Fat: Infrared rays can release a great deal of heat energy to accelerate the circulation of blood and lymph, improve metabolism, support chemical reactions in the body, and induce fat catabolism
Anti-cellulite Massage
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Improves Lymph Flow: Heat can enlarge the capillary vessels and speed blood circulation. Since metabolic materials and dissolved fat enter the blood when fat cells erupt, it is necessary to accelerate lymph circulation and eliminate toxins. Vacuum Massage Rollers help contour all body parts: legs, thighs, arms, abdomen.